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Instantly detects malicious visitors


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

ActivShield™ is the simple & reliable security
platform built for website and web app owners

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Secure your Website and Web Apps

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Works on all major CMS, eCommerce platforms & any HTML website

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A one line script that
protects your apps

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Starts acting immediately detects and prevents attacks

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Real Life Stories

What Do Hackers Want from Your Site?

Steal Personal Information

Real Life Stories

"Is there any possible solution to prevent phishing emails on mail servers? One of my colleges lost 20 thousand €!"

"2 yrs ago my website was viciously hacked and used as a phishing site. Took it down losing millions of Dollars!"

Compromise your Website by DDoS attacks

Real Life Stories

"My server got hacked and was being used for a DDoS. Forgot to turn off password logins."

"I lost my gaming server to DDoS. We just couldn't keep lights on. ISP will null route. Our tiny community destroyed many moons ago."


Use your server to mine crypto-coins

Real Life Stories

"Times are hard. People desperate. Some dude hacked my weakest, oldest shared server with ancient WordPress sites on it via Plesk and started mining."

"My work database and server was acting sluggishly and the fan was going non stop. Discovered that I had been hacked as a power source for bitcoin mining."

Steal your money

Real Life Stories

"One of my older ecommerce sites got hacked & the money was sent to a foreign guy's paypal account. Nice."

"My friend's server got hacked by some ransomware guys. Encrypted all files and put message to send them money."


How does it work?

1. Copy and paste

ActivShield's widget is a one line script that can be used in the header or footer of all website platforms.

activshield script
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2. Your shield is
now active

Once the script is inserted in the header or footer it starts acting.

3. Enjoy 360˚

Peace of mind that any attacks on your sites are detected and prevented.

Our databases track 120 Million+ IP Addresses and are updated on a real-time basis.

activshield filters blocks

101 possibilities with

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Select your default Block or Redirect Page

Select your preffered option from six default pages.
A one line script widget will be copied to your clipboard, just paste it on your website header or footer to launch your shield!

activshield redirect pages
activshield block or redirect pages
Use a custom Redirect Page

A customized redirect sends users to a webpage of choice. Enter a full URL to generate a Widget.

ActivShield™ Seal

Security is a matter of awareness, did you know the majority of home intrusions are deflected just by having a security company sign posted?

The seal will appear on screen for a few seconds when a user loads any page on your website. Then it disappears! That's how you know ActivShield™ is working for you.

activshield add edit or delete filters
Add, Edit or Delete a Filter

You can add a single Regional, Country, State, City, Postal Code or IP to your filters and detter threatening visitors from your sites.

Unparalelled Detection

Our Databases track more than 125 millions+ IP Adresses updated on a real-time basis.

activshield 125 millions ip adresses
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Avoid Cyber Attacks

60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack" Cybercriminals target small businesses because they are an easy, soft target to penetrate.

ActivShield™ Satisfaction Guarantee

Now more than ever Individuals, Companies, and Non-Profit organizations trust ActivShield™ to block unwanted visitors from looking at their websites.

We trust you will love ActivShield™ If you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund within 30 days.

activshield satisfation guarantee


Detects attacks:
Real time
By their locations
VPN’s and others
Known Offenders
No credit card required

Detect and prevent attacks:
Real time
By their locations
Pre-Built redirect pages
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Detect and prevent attacks:
Real time
By their locations
VPN’s and others
Pre-Built redirect pages
Sign up
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